Under 18 Accommodation System

If you would like to change your passkey, you can do so using the form, below.

If you have any questions, please contact Student Services on 01452 702109 or the Duty Warden on 07768 091041. If your enquiry is not urgent, you can also contact wardens@hartpury.ac.uk.

Change Your Passkey

This can be found on most correspondance you'll have received from us, and on the student's ID card. e.g. HYC50012345
Your passkey will originally have been sent to you by e-mail. Remember: if you have more than one child in accommodation, you will have a separate passkey for each child.
We use this information as part of our security measures in order to help ensure this is a valid request.
Please type a passkey of between 8 and 12 characters, with a mixture of UPPER and lower case letters and at least one number.
Please re-enter your new passkey to confirm you have typed it correctly.